About Me

I've been learning & experimenting with computers and technology ever since I was a kid. My natural curiosity paved the way for an obsession with the Internet that has driven me to dedicate my time to finding ways to make businesses more profitable and productive using the latest software, hardware, and technological strategy available in today’s market.

I bring a can-do attitude and a mildly sarcastic sense of humor to the table, and I love a good challenge. I have a penchant for open-source technologies, clean code, and scalable systems solutions. I am Magento Developer Plus certified and a Certified Scrum Master.

I have worked as a photography editor, Windows systems administrator, and full-stack web developer in the past. I am currently a DevOps Engineer for Shinola Detroit where I am able to draw on all of the experience I’ve gained thus far to provide elegant solutions that help further the e-commerce department’s goals.

When I'm not poring over blogs, I enjoy hiking through nature parks, pretending to be a photographer (Nikon fan here), doing some gaming, or enjoying a time with friends and family.

Check out my blog for my thoughts on DevOps, PHP, Magento, and life in general.

You may reach me via email at or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Technical Skills